Our personal myth — or story — provides a way for us to understand our origins, who we are, where we belong,
and whether our life has meaning. If we can be aware of our own story as it unfolds,
we have a better chance of understanding and making friends with our lives.
Maureen Murdock

MaraPsychotherapy is meant to address the roots of mental and emotional struggle, rather than just symptoms. In my practice, we can explore your strengths and challenges, discovering over time what motivates you, what may be contributing to your difficulties, and what helps you thrive. In this space, you have the opportunity to get to know yourself and find ways of living that foster satisfaction and fulfillment.

Allowing yourself to be witnessed in therapy is a noble endeavor, opening the possibilities of deep, lasting intimacy with yourself and others. This is the longing I encounter time and again in my work — we humans ache for our whole selves, the bright and dark parts all together.

To claim our tenderness, vitality, and creativity, we must build space for them. I strive to create this intentional setting with each patient.

You’ve already taken a powerful step in your healing by looking for support. Perhaps you’re experiencing depression or stuckness. You might feel anxiety, loneliness, or isolation. Maybe you’re grieving. Whatever pain you’re in right now, you deserve helpful care and companionship. I invite you to contact me for an appointment to see if we might be a good fit.